Financial Matters

Grace Christian Academy currently utilizes FACTS Management for tuition payments.  Parents will have the flexibility of setting up your own payment schedule in either 10 monthly installments, 2 bi-annual or 1 annual payment. Enrollment in FACTS is easily done through our new online enrollment system. Just click on the FACTS link in your enrollment packet.

FACTS is part of the Nelnet Corporation and has been serving private schools, small and large, for 20 years. You may learn more about the company at their website.  

You may also choose to pay the school directly with a full one-time payment.  Payment must be made before August 1st to receive a $50 discount and to consider enrollment complete.


We offer tuition scholarships through the FACTS Grant and Aid program. Scholarships are awarded based on a financial need formula.  Applications may be made through our new online enrollment system. Click on the FACTS link in your online application .

A scholarship application fee is paid by the applicant. The FACTS verified application must be submitted no later than June 1. No Exceptions.  All supporting financial documents such as tax returns, business forms, etc. must accompany the application by June 1st. The GCA Board of Directors will not consider applications unless they have been verified by FACTS.

Tuition and Fees

Please see Tuition and Fees for current tuition and fees rates.