Elementary Spanish

We want to enhance your child’s education by studying a foreign language. We have chosen the Spanish language for the following reasons:

  • Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world
  • There are more than 28 million native Spanish speaking people in the U.S.
  • The Hispanic population is our nation’s largest ethnic minority
  • A mission field is in our back door! God desires that people from all languages become part of His Kingdom!

The curriculum we use is a faith based program from Bob Jones University Press. Students will learn rudimentary language skills with a Biblical worldview. They implement the four R’s of teaching a foreign language:

  • Rhyme – Singing in a foreign language is proven to aid in permanent learning.
  • Rhythm – Education games and other physical response activities connect the foreign language to other disciplines which expand teaching and communication skills.
  • Repetition – A spiral approach begins with the familiar and gradually increases the level of difficulty maximizing stimulation and easing the learning process.
  • Rewards – The joys and benefits of learning a foreign language establish habits that build comprehension skills in all disciplines and broaden the horizon for cultural outreach.

All full day K5-6th grade students began the first step in 2014-15. Every succeeding year, returning students have moved up a step. Students have the opportunity to complete all six steps before leaving GCA. Lessons are held during afternoon “specials”.